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The paper must be edited in English, with single line spacing, alignment Justify. The maximum number of pages is 6, A4 format, with the following margins: top - 25mm, bottom - 25mm, left - 30mm, right - 25mm. The paper must be formatted in two columns.

THE TITLE OF THE PAPER(Times New Roman, 14 pt Capital letters, Bold, Alignment center). One blank line.

AUTHOR(S) (Times New Roman, 14 pt, Bold, Alignment center), followed by the scientific title and institution (Italics). Two blank lines.

ABSTRACT (Times New Roman, 12 pt., Justify) No more than 200 words. Write "ABSTRACT" followed by a presentation of the paper. One blank line.

THE CONTENT OF THE PAPER Chapters (Times New Roman,, 14 pt., Bold, Alignment left). One blank line between them.
Subheads (Times New Roman, 12 pt., Bold, Alignment left).One blank line between them.

The text of the paper (will be written in Times New Roman, 12 pt, Alignment justify English language).

Equations, formulas, symbols. The equations and formulas will be written beginning with the left side of the page. They will be numbered consecutively. Using the International System of Units and Arabic numbers. Leave one blank line before and after each equation.

Photos, pictures and tables will be numbered consecutively and centred on page. They should be separated from the text by one blank line.

Conclusions will reflect the opinion of the author(s) concerning the feasibility of the results presented.Two blank lines.

BIBLIOGRAPHY (Times New Roman, 12 pt., Alignment left).
Last name, first name initial, title, publishing house, year.
References should be numbered and quoted in the alphabetical order in the text.